visible search box bigcommerce theme cornerstone

Would like to know how to delete “search” and have an actual search box instead

Hi…I have Cornerstone Bold and would like to switch out the word search for an actual search bar with a magnifying glass…it would go on the left top of each page…is there a way to input the code for that?…my site is ….Thanks,Debbie



Paste below css into Advanced Settings › Web Analytics  –

@media (min-width: 801px) {
	.dropdown.dropdown--quickSearch {
		display: block!important;
		position: static;
		opacity: 1;
		background: transparent;
		margin: 0px 20px;
		top: 100px;
		width: 300px; 
		max-width: auto;
		float: right;
		padding: 0px 0px;
	.dropdown.dropdown--quickSearch .container {
		padding: 0 0px;
	.navUser-action.navUser-action--quickSearch{ display:none;}