Bigcommerce Change New Products Slider to a Grid like Featured Products.

copy and paste below code at /templates/components/products/new.html

<h2 class="page-heading">{{lang '' }}</h2>

<ul class="productGrid productGrid--maxCol{{ columns }}" data-product-type="products" data-list-name="New Products">
{{#each products}}
<li class="product">
    {{>components/products/card settings=../settings theme_settings=../theme_settings customer=../customer event="list" position=(add @index 1)}}

I don’t like the way the slider loads as it jumps when it loads. Plus I like the look of the panel grid (maybe like 3 rows of 4 New Products). Is there a way to add this as a script or style or even with html as widget or into a banner without editing the theme files?